At the edge of retirement

We’ve had a few conversations lately with clients on the edge of retirement or having recently crossed over to the other side.  A few articles this week shed light on several key issues. The Average Retirement Age—An Update.  Today’s average retirement ages of 64 for men and 62 for women are about the same as

Mom and Dad, we need to talk.

Serious illness and loss struck throughout our client base in 2014.  Indeed, we acquired a lifetime of experience in 2014 dealing with serious illnesses among family members. This week we share some of the wisdom acquired. Mom & Dad, we need to talk.  A family discussion on end of life care cannot wait until the

Life Satisfaction in Retirement

Intriguing subject matter relating to retirement was the topic of several sessions at the AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference held January 19-21, 2015.  This week we share some of the conference’s golden nuggets. What makes for a Satisfying Retirement?  Although money matters, planning for a lifestyle can be equally important in order to get

Hard career choices

Hard career choices have been a recurring theme this year in consultations with clients.  We should say anguishing career choices, because these forks-in-the-road involve significant personal trade-offs, and the stakes are high.  This week we offer practical input for high achievers making hard career choices. Must Success Cost So Much?  Many high achievers find success

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – September 18, 2013

My daughter Susanna has a new job as Corporate Communications Manager for the Washington Redskins. It was serendipity, a fortuitous series of events that led to her first day of work on Labor Day. She received a call one Thursday evening about a job opening; she interviewed eight days later; she packed her car and drove to Ashburn, Virginia—home to Redskins Park—the following week.

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – August 14, 2013

My Dad—a retired pastor—has Alzheimer’s disease. Last week our family checked him into a long-term care facility. With the disease’s progression, caring for him was wearing out the primary caregiver, my Mother. Anyone who has faced this crossroads knows the anguish. However, the anguish is somewhat more bearable when the family has planned ahead. I am glad my parents have a long-term care insurance policy to help defray the considerable cost of my Dad’s care.