Wanting what you’ve got

We talk to a lot of people about their aspirations and what they consider a secure nest egg.  What is “enough” for one is inadequate for another.  The differing perceptions of “enough” remind me of the lyrics to a Sheryl Crow song:  It’s not [about] having what you want; it’s [about] wanting what you’ve got. 

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – May 5, 2015

Last week the Federal Reserve scaled back its view of prospects for the U.S. economy and labor market.  Reuters discusses the timing of when interest rates will go higher.  Many of our clients have been burned by the brokerage industry.  The CFA Institute advocates for Department of Labor proposals to broaden the sweep of individuals

Mom and Dad, we need to talk.

Serious illness and loss struck throughout our client base in 2014.  Indeed, we acquired a lifetime of experience in 2014 dealing with serious illnesses among family members. This week we share some of the wisdom acquired. Mom & Dad, we need to talk.  A family discussion on end of life care cannot wait until the

Lessons our clients have taught us

Nearly every day keeps us busy dealing with interesting issues for wonderful clients.  Often we are involved in critical and emotional issues at life intersections.  Along the way clients teach us (in a good sort of way).  Some of those lessons are the subject of this week’s blog. Family grief can reveal unexpected surprises by

Hard career choices

Hard career choices have been a recurring theme this year in consultations with clients.  We should say anguishing career choices, because these forks-in-the-road involve significant personal trade-offs, and the stakes are high.  This week we offer practical input for high achievers making hard career choices. Must Success Cost So Much?  Many high achievers find success