Now What?

The transition to retirement—rather than being an occasion for scaling back and becoming less engaged—can be the occasion for renewed productivity and creativity. The inspiration for today’s blog post is Norman Maclean, who at age 74, published his first novel,  A River runs through It.  Maclean said, “I started to write to fill a gap

The Last Rodeo: This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co.

Speculation about Peyton Manning’s retirement from the NFL is this week’s inspiration.  We share a few thoughts on preparing for an early retirement. Live below your means.  One rule of thumb holds that you need to save 25 times your annual budget by retirement.  Generating a nest egg of that size involves years of frugality

A Client’s Story: Creating a financially secure path for retirement

A female head of a high profile Nashville institution was keenly aware of the importance of timing in leadership change. It was important to her that the institution, whose profile she raised, transition smoothly. She and her husband had been clients for several years leading up to her retirement. During the pre-retirement period, we kept

Getting Serious About Retirement

Most people in full time jobs across all income ranges have a clear choice to make at some point in their lives–continue working full time or retire from their current employer.  Some will be more prepared than others.  This week we focus on emotional preparation for full retirement and a glide path for a staged

Crossing the Threshold of Retirement

Hardly a week goes by without our having several discussions about the financial aspects of retirement.  This week we address some issues from the last several days. How much house can I afford?  The traditional rule of thumb—i.e., not more than 28% of your monthly income going for a mortgage payment—is not particularly helpful.  There