The Last Rodeo: This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co.

Speculation about Peyton Manning’s retirement from the NFL is this week’s inspiration.  We share a few thoughts on preparing for an early retirement. Live below your means.  One rule of thumb holds that you need to save 25 times your annual budget by retirement.  Generating a nest egg of that size involves years of frugality

A Client’s Story: Creating a financially secure path for future generations

A widow with an estate in excess of $3 million sought our assistance to organize and simplify her affairs. Her financial assets, spread among more than fifty individual stocks and concentrated in just a few, needed diversification to reduce risk. She was charitably inclined. We suggested she consider establishing a charitable remainder trust to defer

Wanting what you’ve got

We talk to a lot of people about their aspirations and what they consider a secure nest egg.  What is “enough” for one is inadequate for another.  The differing perceptions of “enough” remind me of the lyrics to a Sheryl Crow song:  It’s not [about] having what you want; it’s [about] wanting what you’ve got. 

Preparing to retire in a low-return environment

Intriguing subject matter relating to retirement was the topic of several sessions at the AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference held January 19-21, 2015.  This week we share some of the conference’s golden nuggets and more. Retiring in a Low-Return Environment.   Investment returns and retirement spending have been based on information drawn from the past.