This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – April 2, 2015

Investors concerned about recent market swings wonder if there’s any relief in sight.  The short answer:  not any time soon.  The Chief Investment Officer at Schwab, Liz Ann Sonders forecasts the near future for this secular bull market.  As tax deadlines approach, the IRS recently announced taxes collected from affluent taxpayers rose more than expected

Mom and Dad, we need to talk.

Serious illness and loss struck throughout our client base in 2014.  Indeed, we acquired a lifetime of experience in 2014 dealing with serious illnesses among family members. This week we share some of the wisdom acquired. Mom & Dad, we need to talk.  A family discussion on end of life care cannot wait until the

The $5 million IRA owner next door

About 9,000 taxpayers have more than $5 million each in their individual retirement accounts, according to a recent report by the Governmental Accounting Office.  The Governmental Accounting Office report is found here: Click here to read From our experience these IRA owners are similar to the stereotypical “Millionaire Next Door”—self-made, first-generation accomplished individuals who lead

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – September 3, 2014

The Napa earthquake reminded us this week of our restless earth, about the unpredictability of external shocks to the market, and how we don’t need to be lulled to sleep when volatility is relatively low. Three Investing Lessons from the Napa Earthquake.  Stocks and other risky assets have been doing particularly well the last few

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – August 20, 2014

Conversations with clients and prospects inspire the selection of articles to include each week.  These articles address content of recent conversations. Confronting the tax drag.  Taxes can present a formidable risk for investors seeking to protect and grow their wealth.  Exacerbating the risk these days, taxes have risen for many investors and may rise further