Nashville’s booming housing market – is it sustainable?

Nashville’s housing market is booming.  Rents are rising dramatically.  We are hearing stories that give us pause to consider the sustainability of the boom.  Several articles have caught our attention. Nashville’s housing market hits high notes thanks to young buyers.  The Financial Times featured Nashville’s booming housing market a few weeks ago. [Tiered Registration Required]

Risks you can’t plan for

A couple of news stories last week reminded me that there are some risks in life and in investing you can’t adequately plan for.  Seemingly rare events have big consequences –both positive and negative—and are a key to understanding financial markets and history itself.    This is the basic thesis of a book published several years

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – November 13, 2013

Investors can profit from the insights of this year’s Nobel prizewinners in economics.  Though each award winner’s viewpoint seemingly contradicts the other’s viewpoint, together they provide insight into how securities markets are valued. Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago is father of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH);   Robert Shiller of Yale University shot down