Economic Uncertainty and the Presidential Election

Presidential elections almost universally encompass economic issues—the electorate “votes with their pocketbooks.”  This Presidential primary season has been no different than most, aside from the unusually distasteful rhetoric on the campaign trail and the pervasiveness of economic dissatisfaction. This week, we present thoughtful articles and viewpoints on policies to help spur a growth-oriented policy program.

Fear subsides

Calm has returned to markets after several unnerving weeks. The “fear index” has dropped to a calm reading after spiking to its highest reading since 2011.  Lessons were learned.  The consumer is unshaken. Panic Defused in Stocks with Sharpest VIX Drop Since 2009.  The panic has subsided.  The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – January 15, 2014

Mixed signals—that’s the only term to describe it.  As the calendar turned into a New Year, signs looked promising that the economy was beginning to gain strength—to finally reach the point it does not require monetary stimulus.  Then, the Friday jobs report, which Mohammed El-Erian of Pimco called ‘strange and puzzling’, created doubt about the

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – January 8, 2014

In a much anticipated statement, the Federal Reserve on December 18 announced a change in monetary policy—that it will begin to taper its large scale asset purchase program.  The statement was coupled with additional guidance that interest rates will stay low for a considerable period.   The statement’s impact is more a tweak than a decisive

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – October 16, 2013

I fondly remember “the good old days,” when government actually worked much of the time, when a conciliatory spirit was a badge of honor, and tough issues were resolved thoughtfully and with civility.  Howard Baker, Tennessee Senator from 1967 until 1985, exemplifies a leader who set the tone for those times. In his day he