This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – January 8, 2014

In a much anticipated statement, the Federal Reserve on December 18 announced a change in monetary policy—that it will begin to taper its large scale asset purchase program.  The statement was coupled with additional guidance that interest rates will stay low for a considerable period.   The statement’s impact is more a tweak than a decisive

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – November 6, 2013

The Federal Reserve met last week and it made no changes to its large scale asset purchase program.  The late spring/early summer experience, where its communications about tapering the program were bungled, drove up interest rates, in expectation that stimulus would be withdrawn in the near future. As markets reacted, the Fed backtracked, and since

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – October 30, 2013

Inflation rates—a general increase in prices--are very low.  With Fed officials talking openly about low inflation and the risk of deflation, it is appropriate to examine inflation risk and how to address it.  High levels of inflation erode purchasing power and the value of stocks and bonds. This week we review aspects of inflation.  The

This Week With J. Mark Nickell & Co. – May 8, 2013

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500® Index recently reached all-time highs. Yet, a seeming disconnect between the economy and the stock market exists. In this blog we focus on news events that clarify the economic situation and Fed policy and the apparent disconnect with the level of the major stock indexes. We also mention an item in the President’s budget proposal that is central to this region’s economy.