This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – April 30, 2014

Patience is a virtue when it comes to investing.  It’s human nature to want to own winners and avoid losers.  Unfortunately, investor behavior often works against a successful long-term investment program.  Generally, investors—left to their own devices—sell losers at the wrong time and invest in hot sectors, only to see the performance of recent winners

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – February 5, 2014

Markets have been choppy since the page turned to another year.  Uncertainty about the withdrawal of economic stimulus by the Federal Reserve, the pace of economic growth, and the potential for contagion spreading from emerging markets have been leading causes. This week we examine these issues as they relate to one another.  We believe reasons

This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co. – July 31, 2013

Stock and bond markets are recovering from the spasms felt May 22 to June 24.  This week we take a close look at what just happened; review a provocative article on why bond yields may drop further; and re-state the case for investing in Emerging Markets, which have not rallied at the same pace as