Now What?

The transition to retirement—rather than being an occasion for scaling back and becoming less engaged—can be the occasion for renewed productivity and creativity. The inspiration for today’s blog post is Norman Maclean, who at age 74, published his first novel,  A River runs through It.  Maclean said, “I started to write to fill a gap

Technology, globalization, and Apple

Turn over your iPhone and you can read Apple’s eight-word business plan: “Designed by Apple in California.  Assembled in China.”  Apple is the largest company in the US; it also is the most profitable.  Apple has been successfully riding the two great forces of our era—technology and globalization.  Consumers have embraced technology and globalization heavily

Inflation pinches some more than others

Few people understand the impact of inflation in their lives because it happens slowly.  When inflation is high, budgets get stretched. When wage growth is flat inflation sinks hopes.  Today, economic data suggests prices are rising very, very slowly.  Yet, surveys suggest that the average American’s daily experience with inflation may be quite different than

Jobs, the Middle Class, and Globalization

Economic dissatisfaction is a pervasive theme in this year’s Presidential primary season.  This week’s articles focus on jobs, particularly manufacturing jobs; the state of the middle class; and globalization. The real jobs issue that nobody is debating.  This year’s narrative is about the tragic decline of American manufacturing, but Ed Marsh, editor of Manufacturing Strategy,

Economic Uncertainty and the Presidential Election

Presidential elections almost universally encompass economic issues—the electorate “votes with their pocketbooks.”  This Presidential primary season has been no different than most, aside from the unusually distasteful rhetoric on the campaign trail and the pervasiveness of economic dissatisfaction. This week, we present thoughtful articles and viewpoints on policies to help spur a growth-oriented policy program.

The Last Rodeo: This Week with J. Mark Nickell & Co.

Speculation about Peyton Manning’s retirement from the NFL is this week’s inspiration.  We share a few thoughts on preparing for an early retirement. Live below your means.  One rule of thumb holds that you need to save 25 times your annual budget by retirement.  Generating a nest egg of that size involves years of frugality

On Being an Intelligent Consumer of Financial News

Being an intelligent consumer of financial news is harder than it sounds.  The day-to-day market is a barometer of investor sentiment more than anything else; it would be wrong to assume that a poor start to the year reflects the current economic trend.  Staying calm during market declines can be difficult, but reacting emotionally is

This is not 2008

Losses in financial markets since the year’s start have engendered fears of a replay of the 2008 financial crisis.  Justin Lahart of The Wall Street Journal explains the crucial differences between then and now.  Paul Krugman of The New York Times dissects China’s problems and discusses the potential for psychological contagion.  Finally, Liz Ann Sonders